Country Banker: Your Partner in Loan Analysis

Country Banker delivers a high-quality loan analysis system focused on these Guiding Principles:

  1. Uniformity and Consistency.
    All lenders and all credits in one system.
  2. Create Borrower Benefit.
    Robust analysis is an investment that customers value.
  3. We Listen and Adapt.
    The lending culture is unique in each bank.
  4. Less Time and More Benefits.
    An enhanced lending experience.
  5. Data is Respected.
    Trust is key in banking relationships; data is valuable.
  6. We Focus on Analysis.
    Intuitive function; emphasizing analysis not mechanics.

Uncomplicated Solutions


Loan Analysis

No other loan analysis tool provides the speed, power, or flexibility of Country Banker. The all-in-one software is customizable, intuitive and delivers effortless in-depth analysis.


Loan Presentations

Automatic creation/generation of loan presentation further simplifies the process putting an end to duplication of data entry. Country Banker automatically merges reports - providing maximum time to complete your analysis narrative.


Ag & Commercial Borrowers

Country Banker was designed by bankers for bankers. Get immediate access to reports, including Trends & Ratios, Risk Based Pricing, Projected Cash Flows, Loan Presentations, Proforma Financials, Collateral Analysis, Credit Risk Rating, Shocks & Sensitivity, and Global Analysis.


"We like all of Country Banker. We have been happy with the support, ease of use, and report and schedule content. We value owning our own data and keeping it under our roof. The ability to export information is handy and the built-in collateral analysis is a bonus."
-- Michael R. Hein, Liberty Trust & Savings Bank, Durant, IA

"The implementation of the Country Banker System in our credit division was a monumental step forward in the analysis and management of our credits at PLCC. Convenient to use and flexible enough to accommodate blended entities, Country Banker is the most user-friendly product I've used in over 25 years in Ag lending. The Country Banker staff provides excellent training and the technical support we have received has been outstanding. Highly recommend!"
-- Tim Meyer, Sr. Vice President, Producers Livestock Credit Corporation, Omaha, NE

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